Agriculture - Aadya Hydro Water Conditioner

Thousands of farmers in India and around the world now facing problem due to hard water.  Because water is the life blood of any farm. To make available best water from canal or river for farming is difficult. Almost 80% farmers have boar well or well water for farming. Therefore, growing plants in soils irrigated with hard water, means the hard minerals in the soil stops the crops from growing as well as drip irrigation line and sprinkler nozzle get choked over a period of time and there is no uniform water supply to all crops.

         Installing an Aadya Hydro Water Conditioner will allow you to irrigate with substandard water without removing the beneficial minerals that are required by plants and hence your crops will not only grow – they will become greener, healthier, more robust growth with less water.

Advantages in Agriculture:
 Crop production increase from 30 % to 50 % and in some cases even
 You’ll save three valuable resources – water, energy and money
 Safeguard the soil for future generations by lowering soil salinity

 Reduces water usage
 Drip Pipe and sprinkler nozzles protected from limescale deposits
 It is maintenance free and required No salt or chemical
 Lower the water surface tension allowing fertilizers and hydroponic
nutrients to mix more thoroughly with the softer water
 Water with lower surface tension gets easily absorbed into the ground, reducing surface
crust and runoff, improving plant and crop health.

Benefits in Agriculture

Crop yield increases up to 30-40%

Drip pipe & sprinkler remains scale free

Increases solubility of water.

Reduces water usage upto 50%

Lower the water surface tension