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Water Conditioner

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Aadya Hydro Solution is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, introduces World's first 3 in 1 technology which has Turbulence + Electromagnetic + Electrical Pulse Technology . Our Water Conditioner is the complete solution for all your hard water issues.

Aadya Hydro Water Conditioner in India is one of the leading brands in India which works towards zero water wastage, zero maintenance and No chemical & salt required. Our products are widely used in Home, Apartments, Commercial, Agriculture, Green House, Ploy House, Organic Farming, Construction, Poultry Farming and areas where scaling is a big issue to deal with. Our Aadya Hydro Water Conditioner comes with 3 years warranty and more than 25 years of life span. Our conditioner is implemented for the water having TDS of 9500 PPM.

About technology: We are using 3 technology i.e Turbulence (works on pulse technology ) , Electro Magnetic (works on magnetic filed & water molecules structure) and Electrical Pulse (work on sweeping frequency).

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